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Welcome to

Alyan Family Wines' Club "A"! 

Discover a world of exclusivity, friendship,

and unforgettable experiences at Club "A".

We are pleased to present this unique space, designed for our friends and wine lovers, with the aim of creating special moments together, enjoying the best of Alyan.


What is the Club "A"?

Club "A" is a place where passion for wine and camaraderie come together. Being a member of this exclusive club will grant you access to exclusive benefits, private events, and special surprises that we have prepared with you in mind. Join Club A and become part of a community that shares the same passion and love for Alyan wines.

Why "A"?

Discover the meaning behind the Alyan Family Wines' Club "A"

In the Club "A" of Alyan Family Wines, the letter "A" holds a special meaning that represents the values and experiences that unite us as a community. "A" is much more than just an initial, but where does it come from? Let us share a bit with you:

A is for Alyan

The "A" in Club "A" at Alyan is a tribute to our brand and our passion for wine. Alyan Family Wines is the result of a family dedicated to crafting exceptional wines. By joining our club, you become a member of our family, sharing our story and our commitment to quality and excellence.


A is for Alicia and Andrés

The "A" also represents Alicia and Andrés, the founders and Hosts of Alyan Family Wines. Our goal is to provide you with a personalized and welcoming experience that is evident in every interaction with us. As a member of Club "A," you will be welcomed as a close friend and have access to unique moments created especially for you.

A is for Amigos (Friends)

In Club "A", we value friendship and camaraderie. We believe that wine has the power to bring people together and create lasting bonds. This is a space to share stories, knowledge, and unforgettable moments. You will be part of a passionate and diverse community that shares the same passion for wine and good company.


A is for Aromas

Wine is a sensory experience, and aromas play a crucial role in its appreciation. The "A" also references the wonderful aromas you encounter in our wines.

In Club "A," you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of seductive aromas and discover how they influence the complexity and character of our wines. Immerse yourself in a world full of captivating notes and embark on a unique sensory experience.

A is for Wine Adventure.

For us, wine is an adventure, an invitation to explore new experiences. In Club "A," we encourage you to embark on this exciting wine adventure. Discover extraordinary wines and gain access to limited-edition wines exclusively available to club members. Explore with us and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine.


Join our club


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Discover everything that "A" has to offer in this club. Join us in this exciting wine experience and become part of a passionate community. Together, let's celebrate excellence, friendship, and the adventure of wine.

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