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Our exceptional Extra Premium Red Blend


Aging: 2 years in French Oak +16 months in bottle

Aging Potential: +10 years

Panacea is our iconic wine, and we only produce it on the best vintages, showing the best expression of Maipo with sophistication and age-worthiness.

This wine combines the best of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah and Cabernet Franc to produce an elegant and sophisticated blend with great density and structure.​

The production of this line is limited only to batches considered exceptional to ensure that the conditions that allow us to reflect its exclusive quality are met.


We focus solely on the production of premium wines,
ensuring excellent quality and faithfully reflecting its origin.

Our Wines

Alyan is located in the Maipo Valley, a few kilometers south of Santiago, in the Maipo Andes area (Maipo Alto), with unique conditions for producing wines of exceptional quality, mainly due to the climate, altitude and composition of the ground. 

Climate and Height

Alyan Wines is located in Maipo Andes, at a height of 750 meters above sea level, with a great influence from the Andes Mountains, providing cold winds that allow us to obtain a temperature difference between day and night of up to 20ºC. and with an average of 350 mm of rain per year, which allows us to have naturally healthy vineyards.  


This area is characterized by having a Mediterranean climate, that is, temperate and warm, with very marked seasons during the year. During the day, we have enough sun to ripen the fruit, tannins and color, and at night low temperatures, with cool breezes in the afternoon coming from the Andes mountains, which allows us to develop the aromas and acidity. On balance we have a slower ripening cycle that allows us to combine fruit ripeness, flavors and tannins with colour, freshness and acidity.


The soils of the Maipo Andes area are of alluvial origin, formed over time by rocks from the melting of the Andes mountain range that fell through the Maipo River, thus forming stony soils, with excellent drainage and low fertility, giving rise to a thicker skin and very good concentration of the fruit. 

Our Winemakers


The team is made up of talented winemakers that ensure to deliver great typicity, outstanding structure, and bright freshness, by focusing on every detail in the winemaking process.

The ambassador of our family by nature


Aging: 12-16 months in French oak barrels and more than 1 year in bottle

 Aging Potential: 5-7 years

Our Family Ambassador line represents each of our varieties independently and with a perfect balance between structure, complexity and elegance.

Medium to full-bodied wines with a textural palate and fresh acidity

Cabernet Sauvignon

| Carmenere | Syrah | Merlot |

Chardonnay | Gran Cuvée


Aging: 8-10 months in oak barrels and more than 8 months in bottle

 Aging Potential: 3-5 years

A line of versatile wines by essence and faithful representative of the great quality of Chilean wines.

Medium-bodied, vibrant and fresh wines that easily accommodate innumerable instances of consumption, becoming the ideal companion for any occasion.

It cannot be missing from the daily list of any wine lover

Maipo Valley

This wine region is known for being one of the most prestigious Chilean red wine producers because of its privileged location, specially Cabernet Sauvignon, and we care that our wines reflect the essence of this origin.

Small Lots

We are focused on producing quality instead of volume, with a decrease in the number of fruits in the vineyards, to ensure a thicker skin and thus obtain more concentrated wines of a much higher quality. In addition, we work based on small batches, which allows us to identify the quality and personality of each wine to ensure an exceptional and elegant product. 

Aging in barrels

Aging in French oak barrels is a crucial element in the production of our wines, to obtain the best flavors and structure in our wines. The smoothness, harmony, and soft wood notes achieved are unmatched in any other way

"Our mission is to ensure our clients around the world a transparent and high-quality product that expresses the best of the Maipo Valley, guaranteeing the responsible use of resources in its process."

Alicia, Founder of Alyan Family Wines

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