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Our passion for art and sustainability come together in this workshop, where we transform all the wood and barrels that have spent their lives in the wine process into unique objects and decoration pieces. Each piece has a history, and in our hands, it acquires a new life to provide a special touch to our winery


Stone is the essence of Alyan, and in our workshop we transform it into true works of art that make our winery a unique and unrepeatable place. Each rock is treated with dedication to integrate perfectly with the natural environment.


In our iron workshop, we combine the strength and durability of this material with the beauty of wood and stone. Each structure and piece of decoration is handmade with the skill and creativity of our artisans, who work carefully to ensure the quality and originality of each design


In our ceramics workshop, we create true works of art as each piece enters our kilns. Ceramics are an essential part of Alyan's decoration, adding a touch of elegance and originality to the home of our wines.


In our glass workshop, we make the most of each wine bottle, giving them a new life with our creativity and innovation. We use a special kiln to create unique and durable pieces that serve as a keepsake of Alyan.


In the print workshop, creativity knows no bounds. Here, we design and create each element that makes our wines special, all with the intention of creating a unique and unforgettable experience. Each creation is an expression of our passion for wine.


Artisans of Wine: Love for the Handcrafted

Wine is a work of art that goes beyond a simple beverage; it is a creation that requires passion, dedication, and care. In our pursuit of capturing this passion, reusability and a love for handcrafted items are essential aspects. With our own hands and limitless creativity, we transform materials such as wood, stone, iron, glass, and ceramics into unique and special pieces that bring our winery to life.

We take pride in making each piece a handcrafted work that reflects our essence and love for wine.

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