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  • How's the weather?
    The weather conditions are not within our control, however, it is important to consider that the experience takes place in outdoor areas and indoors in a wine cellar, so we always recommend bringing warm clothing.
  • Does it include wine tastings?
    We offer 5-6 tastings of the Family Ambassador line, each one in a different and incredible place! The first tasting is accompanied by an exquisite table of cheeses, hams, nuts and the experience ends with a courtesy “informal dinner”
  • Do you have a restaurant for dinner?
    We are not a restaurant, but as the ALYAN family, we make sure you feel at home 💛 so we include a complimentary informal dinner at the end of the experience which consists of meat with sautéed vegetables, Duchess potatoes, sauce, bread, butter, and dessert. The vegetarian menu replaces the meat with sautéed mushrooms (Please indicate if you require this menu at the time of booking).
  • Can I go with children?
    No, only people over 18 can enter the Alyan Sunset experience
  • What are the prices?
    The price of "Alyan Sunset" is $44.000 per person (transportation NOT included). * Entry is only allowed for individuals over 18 years old
  • In what language is the tour conducted?
    The official language of the tour is SPANISH and PORTUGUESE (combination of both languages in the same group).
  • Will I definitely see the sunset?
    We cannot guarantee the view of the sun, as it will depend on the weather conditions. We are at the foot of the Andes mountain range, in a place that is truly amazing at any time of the year. What we love most about the experience is that it is always different and brings us surprises in any season of the year... we invite you to be surprised!
  • What days is it open and at what times?
    The experience takes place from Monday to Sunday (*Only with prior reservation). The tour starts at 6:00 p.m.
  • What time does Alyan Sunset start?
    The tour begins at 6:00 p.m. and the experience lasts approximately 3.5 to 4 hours
  • How long does it last? What time does it end?
    Alyan Sunset lasts for 3.5 to 4 hours
  • Can I just arrive or do I need a reservation?
    Alyan can only be visited with a prior reservation. You can make a reservation directly at the following link:
  • How do i get there?
    We are located in Pirque. 📌 Address: G-425, Pirque, Metropolitan Region Use Waze to drive to Alyan Family Wines Use Maps to drive to Alyan Family Wines: We do not have transportation service, and it is very difficult to take an Uber or taxi for the return trip (there is no problem for the way here). Therefore, we recommend: Come by car Hire agency/transportation service Hire a taxi/Uber for roundtrip (to ensure the return trip)
  • Does the experience include transportation?
    No, the "Alyan Sunset" price does not include transportation service, and it is very difficult to take an Uber or taxi for the return trip (there is no problem for the trip to the vineyard). Therefore, we recommend: Come by car Hire an agency/transportation service Hire a taxi/Uber round trip (to ensure the return trip) ** We can provide you with contacts of agencies that provide transportation service to Alyan so that you can request a quote. Contact us if you want us to share them with you.

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